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Apr 14

“If flowers can
teach themselves
how to bloom after
winter passes,
so can you.” — Noor ShirazieSpringtime (via aestheticintrovert)

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“Everything has a weight and measure except tears, for a tear is sufficient to extinguish seas of fire.” —

Imam Jaffar Sadiq (a.s.)

Source: al-Kafi

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Apr 05

In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips. ❤🍪👯

In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips. ❤🍪👯

Apr 04

“I have looked at you
in millions of ways and
I have loved you in each” — Haiku (via cacheclearer)

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“O’ People! Fear God. He hears whatever you say and knows whatever you hide. Prepare yourselves for death. A death from which you try to escape will approach you. Even if you stay where you are, it will overcome you. It will remember you even if you forget it.” — Imam Ali (a), Miskhat ul-Anwar (via bu-hashem)

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“The hijab symbolizes my faith and you want to ban it? Well while you’re at it, let’s ban charity, selflessness, equality amongst races and sexes, being good to your neighbor… Because those are also requirements of a believer. But of course it’s not about freedom, is it really? I make you uneasy because my hijab reminds you that I am trying to obey God and not you. And that bugs you.” — Amenakin (via thetattooedhijabi)

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"Behind every Shaheed there is a woman standing like a nation"


"Behind every Shaheed there is a woman standing like a nation"

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“I don’t like needing anyone for anything.” — Jackie Robinson (via lullabysounds)

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“I have lived
in my body
for years
and still need
maps and lights
to find my way
to how I feel.” — Michelle K, Body of Maps. (via astonishing-moments)

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“I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses.” — Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra (via lastisle)

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“Look like the innocent flower,
But be the serpent under it.” — Lady Macbeth, Scene V, “Macbeth” (via girlpanties)

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“Don’t equate the presence of God with a good mood or a pleasant temperament. God is near whether you are happy or not.” — Max Lucado (via theriverjordyn)

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Apr 03

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“Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing.” — Unknown (via ruedamour)

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